Forms and Eligibility

Forms and Eligibility



Any home school student who plans to tryout for any team at Pickens High School must have the proper paperwork completed as well as having the Intent to Participate form (at bottom of page) submitted to the Pickens County District Office before the first day of practice.

Concussion Protocol

As required by state law passed in 2013, all student athletes and parents must be made aware of the risk of concussions while playing sports, as well as the protocol for addressing a player who sustains a concussion. The information is provided in the Concussion folder at the bottom of the page. The Concussion Protocol Acknowledgement Form must be returned to the school before a player is eligible to participate in competition.

Birth Certificates

An original birth certificate must be provided to Pickens High School in order for a student to be eligible to participate in athletics. Please bring the birth certificate to the front office at PHS to be photocopied, and then immediately returned. Please understand that we cannot accept copies of the birth certificate, only the original. This requirement only needs to be completed once during the individual’s high school career.


All forms for the Athletic Department are listed in the files below. Please note, that in order for a physical to count for the upcoming school year, it must be dated after April 1 (i.e. dated April 2, 2017 will count for the 2017-18 school year).

In order for a student to participate in a sport, they must have the following on file annually.

  • Current Physical (After April 1). The physical cannot be accepted if the doctor does not check one of the boxes on the back of the form, as well as sign and date the physical. Signed by Doctor, Parent, and Player
  • SCHSL Parent Permission. This is the third page on the physical form. Signed by Parent and Player
  • Code of Conduct. Signed by Parent and Player
  • PlaySafe Emergency Contact. Signed by Parent and Player
  • Concussion Protocol Acknowledgement Form. Signed by Parent

Physical Form With Parent Permission

Athletic Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Contract

Concussion Protocol

Concussion protocol single slide

Parent Athlete Info Sheet on Concussion

Concussion Acknowledgement

Concussion A Must Read for Young Athletes

Playsafe Emergency Form

Hippa 16-17

Home School Form

Riding Home with Parents

Travel Permission Form