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I wanted to share a special event with y’all that I think really demonstrates how amazing our kids are at Pickens.

When we played BHP at the beginning of region play, their star senior fell and tore her ACL 8 points away from 1000 career points, a huge achievement in basketball, especially girls basketball. Her coach got in touch with us recently and asked if we could work something out to help her get there. When we told our team about it, before we even got the words “and then they’d give us 8 points back,” they had already all emphatically stated yes, of course! I think it says a lot about their character and their sportsmanship to put an opponent before themselves.

Friday night was an amazing event to witness as the players of both teams met at half court before the game for a student-led prayer, then watched as she scored her last 4 baskets, with 3 assists from Rachel Page. Their entire community was so grateful and gave Coach Rikki Owens and I a lot of thanks and praise, which we directed right back to their girl and our girls.

It is always a great day to be a Blue Flame, but last night was extra great. Below is the article from the Anderson Independent, as well as our roster. Please give these girls a pat on the back for their excellent character (and overtime win 😎) against BHP Friday night.

Lady Blue Flame Varsity Basketball

Rachel Page

Sarah Page

Sabrina Stewart

Sarah Stewart

Savannah Noblitt

Jordan Horne

Paige Pariseau

Madeline Crumpton

Savannah Perry

Alex Dow

Olivia Wilson

Addison Short

Sami Turner

Kaylee Gillespie

Hannah Roper


Sally Ingles