Blue Flame News · Future Flame Combine

AWESOME JOB by not only these young men but ALL the young “FUTURE FLAME” that came out to get better!!!

Final Results from the FUTURE FLAME COMBINE the last day of camp:

6th Grade Champion–Carter McCollum
6th Grade 2nd Place–Tristian Gillis
6th Grade 3rd Place–Dalton Bryson

5th Grade Champion–Ashton Smith
5th Grade 2nd Place–Caleb Garcia
5th Grade 3rd Place–Dalton King

4th Grade Champion–Will Stone
4th Grade 2nd Place–Carson Seder
4th Grade 3rd Place–Landon Blanton

3rd Grade Champion–Easton Bell
3rd Grade 2nd Place–Braden Self
3rd Grade 3rd Place–Spencer Roper

2nd Grade Champion–Whit Rodgers
2nd Grade 2nd Place–Orion Austin
2nd Grade 3rd Place–Cody Bowen

1st Grade Champion–Connor Constance
1st Grade 2nd Place–JC Herron
1st Grade 3rd Place–Blake Redding